COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Winner of the AFECA Outstanding Trade Exhibition Award 2nd Time in a Row

AFECA announced the results of the 2016 AFECA Awards and the COMPUTEX team led by Mr. Walter Yeh, Executive President of TAITRA, won 1st Place of the AFECA Outstanding Trade Exhibition Awards and TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall won 2nd Place of the Outstanding Venue Awards.

COMPUTEX is honored again this year after receiving the award in 2015. In 2016, COMPUTEX started the transformation by responding to international competition and the shift in the ICT industry to position itself to "Building Global Technology Ecosystems", focusing on the applications of Internet of Things technology, innovations and startups, business solutions, gaming and virtual reality. In addition to refreshing design of the key visual, the all new exhibition areas also create trendy forums, strengthen marketing strategies and provide innovative services and more to achieve sustainable development objectives of the exhibition, which were all well received by buyers and manufacturers.

COMPUTEX, standing out from many participants, has won recognition from judges from Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. Once again, COMPUTEX proved to be in the leading position of the ICT trend, enhancing the international visibility of Taiwan's exhibition industry and inspiring its international competitiveness.

In addition, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, run by TAITRA, won 2nd Place of the Best Venue Awards. The venue is the first exhibition hall in Taiwan to receive ISO20121 (Event Management System) and allows 10,000 people to use free Wi-Fi simultaneously. It also combines Google 360-degree indoor surround virtual tour and the introduction of innovative VR glasses for providing refreshing navigation experience.

Global convention and exhibition industry is moving eastward and Asia has become the center of the MICE industry. AFECA held its 11th Annual Conference (AFECA AGM) on November 7th, which was sponsored by the Association of Asian Exhibition and Convention Industries (AFECA), the largest convention and exhibition industry organization in Asia. Mr. Walter Yeh, the Executive Vice President of TAITRA, also President of AFECA, was re-elected Chairman of AFECA. Mr. Chen Xianjin, Chairman of the Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association, Mr. Prapee Buri, President of the Thailand Exhibition Association and Rosalind Ng, President of the Singapore Convention & Exhibition Association served as Deputy Chairman of AFECA. Other representatives from Philippine, Malaysia, Korea, India, Indonesia, and Singapore also served as AFECA directors, developing AFECA into one of the important organizations.

Mr. Walter Yeh was appointed as the President of AFECA in January, 2015. For the first time, he organized the Asia-wide events such as exhibitions, forums, youth competitions and exhibition awards, connecting Asia and MICE professionals from around the world. From November 7 to 8, during the Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Week, a grand AFECA annual meeting was held along with activities such as the AFECA and the Asian Youth Exhibition Competition.

With the support from AFECA members, Mr. Walter Yeh hoped that AFECA could become a platform for exchanges and cooperation in the Asian exhibition industry, and to promote cooperative opportunities. AFECA's vision for the future will be "to learn”, “to cooperate”, “to share” and "to support”, in addition to seek cooperation with the international media to promote and strengthen AFECA as an international platform to link Asia, with the advent of the digital age.

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Beware of Scam from International Fairs Directory

Dear COMPUTEX Participants,
Recently, we were informed by a COMPUTEX exhibitor regarding International Fairs Directory using COMPUTEX TAIPEI and TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade and Development Council) to entice advertisement listing. We hereby inform our exhibitors not to fall for these scams. COMPUTEX and TAITRA are not connected to International Fairs Directory nor are we associated with this company in any way. ...[Read more]


Going Southbound: TAITRA Promoting COMPUTEX 2017 in Indonesia

Indonesia is an important market for Taiwan Government’s “New Southbound Policy”. After a successful press conference in India, TAITRA, organizer of COMPUTEX, held another press conference in Jakarta on Nov. 1st. The press conference was packed with more than 90 ICT professionals and media friends. Participants included representatives from important ICT media such as BIZCOM, INFOKOMPUTER, YANG CANGGIH, TRIBUN NEWS, SHANGBAO INDONESIA, TVONE as well as key Indonesia ICT distributors such as Masterdata, GMT, IMCOM, MY ICON, WEARNES, PERICOM, and more. Press Conference started with welcome speech by Mr. Yih-Jyh Kang, Executive Director, Exhibition Department of TAITRA and then followed by an address from Mr. Y.C. Tsai, Deputy Representative for Economic Affairs of Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) in Indonesia. Mr. Soegiharto Santoso, Chairman of Indonesia Computer Association (APKOMINDO) also shared with attendees the condition of ICT market in Indonesia. The event continued with a briefing on the advantages of Taiwan ICT industry and introduction to COMPUTEX 2017 and ended with testimonials from Mr. Andi Tanudiredja, Chairman of Masterdata Group who highly recommended Indonesia ICT professionals to Taiwan and COMPUTEX 2017. Mr. Kang mentioned that Indonesia with a population of 255 million represents ASEAN's largest economy. In 2015, Indonesia with large domestic market demand, IT market reached 9.6 billion US dollars. ICT industry is Taiwan's most competitive industry. Taiwan ICT companies with capabilities in innovation and R&D, offer the perfect IoT solutions and are the best strategic partners to create the startup ecosystem. During the press conference, Mr. Soegiharto Santoso expressed that the majority of Jakarta’s ICT professionals visit COMPUTEX every year. In the future, he will call for more industry groups in other cities to visit in Taiwan. In addition, the association is planning the RTA PROGRAM, a plan that encourages Indonesia startup companies, which is likely to participate at the COMPUTEX InnoVEX exhibit. Mr. Andi Tanudiredja, a buyer who has been attending COMPUTEX the past years, said the main purposes of for his annual trip to Taiwan were to purchase ICT products but more importantly, to understand the latest global ICT development and trends and then apply in the Indonesia market. Winning products of the COMPUTEX d&i Awards will be on display from Nov. 2-6 at INDOCOMTECH in Jakarta. COMPUTEX d&i Awards is the collaboration between TAITRA and the German international forum design company, iF. A total of 87 winning products with innovative designs, through INDOCOMTECH, will demonstrate to the huge domestic market of Indonesia, the value of Taiwan ICT products and its innovative strengths.

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TAITRA kicks off COMPUTEX 2017 in India to recruit Indian Exhibitors

COMPUTEX 2017 is going SOUTH, partly incorporating the Taiwan government’s “New Southbound Policy”. TAITRA, organizer of COMPUTEX, held an international press conference in India, the densely populated country with an overwhelming high market demand. According to statistics, in 2016, India has over 1.2 billion people of which, 20% of the population consists of middle classes that will grow to 40% by 2025. Taiwan India bilateral trade has risen from year 2000 of 1.2 billion US dollars to 2015 of 4.8 billion US dollars. At the same time, India has become Taiwan's 18th largest trading partner and bilateral trades between the two countries are becoming more frequent.   COMPUTEX Press Conference in India was presided over by Mr. Yih-Jyh Kang, Executive Director, Execution Dept., TAITRA. Mr. Champak Raj Gurjar, Chairman of India Federation of Information and Communication, was a VIP guest who also addressed to the audiences. Mr. Kang stated that India has always been known for its software and top engineers in the world, and with the IoT wave, integration of software and hardware is indispensable and are the important elements of successful. He hoped, through this COMPUTEX press conference, renowned software companies from India will participate at the COMPUTEX 2017 exhibition.   Representatives from the TAITRA COMPUTEX organizing team was present at the press conference briefing on the competitive advantages of Taiwan ICT Industry, the development of IoT, the new position of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017 as well as its themes and exhibition contents. COMPUTEX 2017 is scheduled for May 30 - June 3, 2017 with the new position of "Building Global Technology Ecosystems". Four main themes include IoT applications, innovations & startups, business solutions, and gaming & VR. New exhibition areas include the 2016 newly added InnoVEX (for startups), SmarTEX (for latest IoT applications), and also a new gaming & VR exhibit, showing the ultimate high performance gaming products for 2017. The iStyle display area set up in 2016 was well received. This Apple MFi-certified exhibition area will be expanded in 2017. COMPUTEX 2016 attracted more than 40,000 international visitors, of which close to 350 were visitors from India, a substantial growth of 14% from the previous year, and India is also the 12th country with the most number of international visitors.   This press conference attracted more than 35 representatives from professional India media such as NDTV Gadgets, Times of India, CXO Today, Digit as well as new social media Tech 2 and T3 attending. India media showed great interest and recognition for COMPUTEX and its activities during the show.   TAITRA also displays the winning products of the COMPUTEX d&i awards from September 30-Ocotober 2 at the COM-IT show in India. The COMPUTEX d&i awards is the cooperation between TAITRA and the international forum design company, iF. A total of 87 top innovative design products are shown to the India market.   To participate for COMPUTEX 2017, online registration is now available. Interested exhibitors are urged to register early.

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